Functional rent is a form of financing especially suitable for equipment that is related to high or relatively high production of units and where there is a need for continuous service, service and/or consumption. E.g. Copy/Print, Coffee machines, X-ray equipment, etc.

Service and/or service agreements are included and become an appendix to the Functional Lease Agreement. This means that many services and products end up on a single invoice instead of several. Release Function rental minimizes administration and reduces invoice handling costs for everyone. The customer pays for usage per unit used; Number of prints; Number of coffee cups; Number of x-rays etc. The model makes it very easy to budget and allocate and compare costs. This is an increasingly popular financial solution in more and more industries.

- Can the customer upgrade software & hardware
- Obtained support, service and services in accordance with the supplier's terms and conditions

- Return the equipment
- Buy the equipment at market value
- Extend the agreement


More and more entrepreneurs and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of strong liquidity. Do you want to avoid tying up capital and strain your liquidity? Then it may be better to finance equipment and solutions externally instead of with your own liquid funds. Financing via Release is used when you need a certain type of equipment but do not necessarily need to own it. Rent is a form of financing that is well suited for equipment where technological development is rapid or where upgrades and additions are common, such as IT, telephony, coffee machines or print and copy machines. Rent is today the most common form of financing as companies and businesses do not want to use their liquidity for financeable investments.

- Can the equipment be easily upgraded or expanded
- Can the equipment be replaced

- Can the customer return the equipment
- Buy the equipment at market value
- Extend the agreement

- Quick and easy financing
- Easy to budget
- Good for cash flow/liquidity
- The contract period can optimally reflect the service life
- 100% deductible
- Easy to update to new versions without the need to make a new investment


When the accident or the thief happens, many people find that their business insurance covers very little or nothing at all for the damage. Far from all business insurances cover rented equipment at all. If it does, the deductible is unnecessarily high, the compensation level is low and the processing time can take weeks or months.

High compensation level and low deductible.

- All-risk insurance incl. mud
- No or low excess: SEK 0 - 1,000
1The deductible level varies depending on the object type. Other deductibles apply in the event of machine damage.
- High compensation level - No age deduction
Replaces damaged item with equivalent or better. 2For IT and Telecom equipment, age reduction occurs after month 36 from the start of the contract.
- Machine damage protection
This means protection in the event of damage coming from the inside. In practice, an extended warranty that kicks in after the regular manufacturer's warranty has expired. Deductible for machine damage: From SEK 1,000 Does not apply to heat pumps, motorized vehicles (motorized cleaning machines excluded),
Segways, Computers (Apple equipment excepted), IT & telecom and other technical office equipment
measuring equipment (copy equipment excepted).
- Fast processing time
Max 2 working days

All financed equipment is the property of Release Finans until full payment is made in accordance with the agreement and must therefore be insured for the entire duration of the agreement.


Full value compensation without age deduction: YES
Deductible: SEK 0-1000
Dirt: YES
Damage coming from within: YES
Replaces damaged item with equivalent item or better: YES
Covers payment of your rental/leasing fee in the event of downtime caused by insurance damage: YES


Full value compensation without age deduction: NO
Deductible: Up to SEK 48,300
Dirt: NO
Damage coming from inside: NO
Replaces damaged item with equivalent item or better: NO
Covers payment of your rental/leasing fee in the event of downtime caused by insurance damage: NO


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